Discover the Best Montessori Toys for 1-2 Year Olds Today

Are you looking for the right present for your toddler? You've come to the right spot. We've picked out the best Montessori gifts for toddlers that are fun and help them learn and grow.

Montessori toys aim to encourage curiosity, imagination, and essential skills. This guide will show you our top picks that will keep your child's attention and help them grow. Find the best gift for your child with us.

Why is it essential to understand Age-Appropriate Gifts?

Getting a child, the right gift is about more than just making them happy. Toys for a child's age are essential for their development, learning, and growth. When you think about what children need at different growth stages, you can ensure they get the proper stimulation at the right time.

For a child between the ages of 1 and 2 is in a stage where they are learning about the world around them, knowing cause and effect, and improving their motor skills. Toys that are made for these stages of growth can help kids learn these skills and learn healthily.

Montessori gifts are made for the child's age and stage of growth. They stress self-directed and active learning and encourage kids to find out, learn, and grow at their own pace. These toys help a kid succeed in a lot of different ways. For example, they help develop hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills, and creativity.

So, when getting a gift for your child, think about how old they are and what stage of development they are in. A Montessori gift that is right for their age will keep them busy and help their overall growth and make learning fun.

Motor Skill Toys

In the early years, it's essential to help your children develop their small motor skills, and giving them the right gifts or toys can make this process fun. Here are some ideas for helpful gifts:

Wooden Block Set

1. Children can learn and improve their fine motor skills with the help of wooden block sets. Kids must practice balance and accuracy when building with blocks, which is essential to developing their fine motor skills. When a child plays with wooden blocks, they pick them up, move them, and put them down repeatedly. This strengthens the small muscles in their hands and prepares them for more delicate tasks, like writing, in the future.

Monty Puzzles

2. Puzzles are among the best ways to help kids improve their small motor skills. The difficulty and number of parts can be changed depending on the child's age and skill level. This makes sure that the child keeps growing and learning. 

If you're looking for an excellent game to help your child grow, check out our Monty Puzzles, which we have at Monty Toy. These are beautifully made and will help your child learn and grow.

Monty Shape Sorting Cube

3. Shape Sorting Cubes are a great way to help children improve their small motor skills. They teach kids to spot different shapes and put them in the correct slots. This helps them improve their hand-eye coordination, grip, and sense of space. Shape Sorting Cubes are an excellent way for children to enhance their fine motor skills and learn about different shapes and how to solve problems. 

Look no further than Monty Toy for your child's high-quality, long-lasting Shape Sorting Cube. We have a beautifully made, colorful sorting cube that will keep your child entertained and help them learn and improve their skills.

Sensory Toys

Sensory discovery is an important part of a child's growth, and many toys can help them do this. Here are just a few:

Monty Instruments Set

1. A set of instruments is a great way to get kids to explore their senses. Children learn about cause and effect while playing musical instruments like drums and maracas. For example, they hear a particular sound when they hit a drum or shake a maraca. 

Monty Toy has many options for buying your child a high-quality Instruments Set. Each set is made to be fun and safe, giving your kid various sensory experiences that will keep them interested as they learn and explore.

Sensory Sorting Cube

2. A Sensory Sorting Cube helps kids explore their senses by simultaneously exciting more than one sense. This toy usually has many different colors, shapes, textures, and sometimes even sounds. Children play with the other pieces using sight, touch, and hearing. The different textures can attract a child's sense of touch and make them want to touch them more. If the cube and forms make sounds or are used with other things that make sounds, it can also improve their hearing. So, a Sensory Sorting Cube is a tool with many uses that helps kids explore their senses and improve their minds simultaneously.

Top Seller - UFO Silicone Pulling Toy

3. A UFO Silicone Pulling Toy can be a great way to get kids to experiment with their senses. This toy is made of soft, textured silicone. It gives a child a unique physical experience as they explore the surface with their fingers. Bright colors and exciting shapes catch their eye, waking up their sense of sight and making them curious. The toy makes sounds when squeezed or pulled; this can help the child learn more about sounds. A UFO Silicone Pulling Toy is an excellent addition to a child's playtime because it lets them use all their senses simultaneously.

Educational Toys

Educational toys are an excellent way for kids to have fun while they learn. They are a fun way to teach and practice essential skills like problem-solving, critical thought, creativity, and motor skills. Here are some examples: 

Monty Stacking Pegboard

1. Stacking pegboards are great learning tools that help kids learn in many different ways. They help kids learn colors by having them find and sort pegs of different colors. As kids learn which pegs fit together, they can get a better sense of space and learn about sizes. Also, these boards can be used to do counting games, which can help kids learn math skills early on. 

If you want to buy a Stacking Pegboard for your child, Monty Toy has one that is vigorous, colorful, and good for kids. It's made to keep your child interested and help them learn in a fun and helpful way.

Eco-friendly Carrot Montessori Toy

2. A Carrot Montessori Toy can help kids learn in many ways. This simple but clever toy comprises pieces of carrot that are different sizes and need to be put into their matching holes. This game helps kids learn to sort things by size, an essential part of early math skills. It's also a great way to teach kids about cause and effect as they figure out that each carrot only fits in its spot. 

Easter Egg Matching Toys

3. Easter Egg Matching Toys are a fun way for kids to learn and get better at essential skills. Most toys are highly colored, broken eggs with different shapes or patterns inside. Children have to find the right match for each half, which helps them learn about conditions and how to solve problems. These toys can also be used to teach counting or sorting, an excellent way to start learning math at a young age. So, combine play with learning, which makes learning fun and valuable.


As we wrap up our guide, we want to ensure you know that each Montessori gift was picked because it helps toddlers learn uniquely. We understand how important these early years are for developing a child's interests, creativity, and other essential skills. Your child's toy is more than just a toy—it's a way for them to learn and grow. So, it's necessary to make a choice based on your child's growth needs.

But you're not on this trip by yourself. Monty Toy is ready to help you out. We welcome you to look through our carefully chosen selection of Montessori gifts meant to make children happy and help them learn. As you look through our website, remember that the best gift fits your child's current stage of development and helps them keep growing. So, start this fun and rewarding trip with Monty Toy and find the perfect Montessori gift to make your child smile and help them learn and grow.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are Montessori gifts?

Montessori gifts are toys or other items made with the Montessori way of education in mind. They encourage active, self-directed learning and try to build on a child's natural interest, creativity, and learning skills.

2. What type of child is best for Montessori?

The Montessori method is suitable for all children because it focuses on helping each child learn in their way, be curious, and grow as a whole person.

3. Are Montessori toys necessary?

Montessori toys aren't required, but they can help a kid learn a lot by encouraging self-directed play, curiosity, and the development of essential skills.

4. What is the greatest gift Montessori quote?

Maria Montessori said, "The greatest gifts we can give our children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence."

5. Why are Montessori toys different?

Montessori toys are different because they focus on active, self-directed learning and help children develop skills, imagination, and a sense of wonder.

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