Our 5 Favorite Baby and Toddler Tunnel Games

Playing baby tunnel games is an effective tool for encouraging your toddlers to spin around. So, it's essential to always keep them on their hands and knees. Adding fun elements would spice up your baby's usual crawling routine. 

Shake and Roll

Let's start with a simple one. Once your baby crawls inside, give your cotton play tunnel a good shake. Babies love this thrill. You can roll, shake, or lightly rock the eco-friendly play tunnel from side to side. 

Toddler Commute

Check out this baby tunnel game to make your baby's crawling time more enjoyable. Find an object your toddler already loves, such as stuff, toys, or puzzles. Place it on the base at both sides of the end of the cotton play tunnel. 

Your babies will find it exciting to crawl back and forth to grab a piece and go back to place it into the base. 

Water Play

You can place your eco-friendly play tunnel outside on a sunny day and host a water play. Place a kiddie pool at one end and use the cotton play tunnel as a slide. Your baby can then crawl slowly through the pool. 

Just keep in check the amount of water to prevent your little ones from drowning. 

Reading Station 

Give your toddler a cozy night break by transforming their cotton play tunnel into a reading station. Put some bright pictures of animals where they can learn. Or you can grab a simple bedtime story and join your toddler inside the cotton play tunnel. The Monty Toy Cotton Play Tunnel XL is perfect for this baby tunnel game! 

Pass the Ball 

Finally, this toddler tunnel game needs your participation, too! Sit outside the one end of your eco-friendly play tunnel. Put a softball in your place and gently lift the tunnel to roll the ball to your baby. Encourage your child to lift the cotton play tunnel to return the ball to you. 

Additional Tips for Tunnel Play

Crawling through a cotton play tunnel while having games is a brilliant idea. However, it comes with risks. To have an engaging but safe playtime with their eco-friendly play tunnel, here are some things to consider: 

Safety Considerations

When trying out toddler tunnel games, be aware of possible safety hazards like furniture or sharp objects that can injure your baby. If using the cotton play tunnel outdoors, ensure the area is clear before your little one crawls through. 

Age Appropriateness

Before diving into another baby tunnel game, ensure it is age-appropriate for your baby. After all, some toddler tunnel games require strength and are unsuitable for children below one-year-old. 

Engagement Ideas

Lastly, make your baby tunnel games more exciting by adding some toys or music. When having outdoor tunnel playtime, you can sprinkle water. Or you can add engaging rhymes like the 'alphabet song' to make it educational.

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