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Toddlerhood is when children undergo rapid development in moving their bodies, interacting with others, feeling, and thinking. The period lasts about two years, during which little ones substantially advance their skills in different aspects of their development. It's a fun and exciting time for parents and children, but can also be daunting.

It can be split into two phases, the Early (1-2 years old) and the Late (2-3 years old) toddlerhood. Navigating the child's developmental journey within this timeframe has a mix of surprises, joy, and, sometimes, displeasure. 

Terrible Twos and Threenager 

A toddler's vigor, might, and stubbornness can be overwhelmingly difficult for parents. The phases of toddlerhood have gained trivial monikers, "Terrible Twos" and "Threenager," owing to the seemingly uncontrollable and troublesome behavior that children may display at ages 2 and 3 as they assertively try to do anything they please with their newfound strength and intelligence. 

Despite the intimidating challenges babysitters and parents have to see for themselves and deal with when their little ones are in the phase of this highly playful and unending curiosity, there are ultimate rewards that make taking care of toddlers a pure joy and make it among the best roles of being a parent. 

Right resources for toddlers' development

To effectively fulfill the role of being the best guardians for toddlers, parents must be able to provide suitable guidance and resources, encompassing must-have essentials and toddler learning activity toddler learning activity toys that bolster the development of toddlers in the right direction. 

So, to make parenting toddlers deeply rewarding and pleasurable despite some hard work, parents will have to get ahead and arm themselves with the best practices, essentials, and toddler learning activity toys geared to productively get their children's attention and fuel it into their children's ultimate development. 

The succeeding sections will empower parents and guardians with the necessary knowledge, must-have toddler learning activity toys , and learning essentials their toddlers can spend their endless energy on and effectively learn from. 

The Early Toddlerhood: 1-2 years

A child starting to gain independence.

Graduating from infancy, a toddler will start to display more apparent independence and more extraordinary motor abilities, such as standing or making a few steps without their parents' intervention or being aided by anything. Despite that, they will not have the perfect gait yet and may sometimes find themselves falling.  

They will demonstrate their penchant for doing things their way and may show some behavior that is against their parents' orders. 

They will move more vigorously as they become more engrossed in their newfound abilities. It's common to see them climb through the chair or staircase without help. Nonetheless, parents should keep their eyes on their children as these little ones aren't fully capable of sensing danger and protecting themselves from it.  

As they become more physically capable and agile, they will start to copy the movements of someone else, typically those who are older than they are. It's nothing extraordinary to see them copy household chores, such as cooking and preparing food with any object available to them. 

They can use their extremities to play with large balls, push a cart, and kick a ball. 

Better memory and using words to communicate

Physically, they are energetic but may find themselves shy and anxious in the presence of unfamiliar people. They can show their negative emotions by seeking comfort from people they trust. 

Not only are their independence and motion becoming more fluid during this period, but they also start to say a few words to convey what they want or make some gestures to communicate, such as extending their hands when they want them to be cleaned. With better listening comprehension, they may also repeat words that were said to them or those they commonly hear in their household. 

As such, they would also be able to follow instructions and directions, adding that they have better working memory and can concentrate for more extended periods. Not only can they recognize themselves, but they can also start to remember their names. In line with this, they could reap many benefits from songs. 

Since toddlers can already remember names and associate them with objects, they can also accurately point or identify an object when somebody says the name. 

Actions are mirrors of cognition

With their newly advanced cognition, they will manipulate objects and be able to shake, stack, nest, build, and knock over things they come across. 

When given a chance to hold a pencil, they will scribble on any surface holding the writing implement in a closed-fist fashion. As they keep exploring with objects, such as when they have a book, they will flip to different pages unintelligently, causing multiple pages to turn on one flip. Because they have better grips and stronger muscles, their motions will include imperfectly using a spoon and fork and drinking from a cup with some spills. 

Toddler Learning Activity Toys for Ages 1 and 2 Years

To make the most out of the child's development throughout early toddlerhood, here are some toddler learning activity toys toddlers can substantially benefit from. Many play objects focus on more than one critical developmental aspect as they simultaneously target and support many developmental milestones. 

The links are provided should parents want to know in greater detail how these toddler learning activity toys help greatly. 

The Rue

The Rue is an aesthetically pleasing wooden baby jumper. It is by far the best baby jumper available. 

Baby jumpers provide an interactive and stimulating playtime for toddlers that don't yet have the coordination or mobility to move about freely. The Rue can provide these babies with a sense of independence and help relieve frustrations caused by their inability to independently move.

Monty Organic Cotton Play Tunnel 

Here's an aesthetically pleasing plaything that can support a toddler's natural inclination to exploration: Monty Organic Cotton Play Tunnel, made from pure cotton, ensures your child's safety and comfort while keeping all the benefits. 

It improves motor skills as your child is encouraged to pass through this tunnel. It then simultaneously supports cognition through sensory stimulation and spatial awareness. 

Monty Learning Backpack 

The Monty Learning Backpack has an interactive design that stimulates a child's imagination at 2-3 years of age. The backpack is packed with different shapes and commonly seen objects that can help supplement a child's growth and development in refining their fine motor skills. The learning packs with toddler learning activity toys and learning things that encourage toddlers to exercise skills such as grasping and turning, helping improve their dexterity and strength. Further, the set can help children learn essential life skills. It's ideal to expose a child as long as he reaches the age of 1 year old. 

Monty Sliding Top Box Set, Monty Sensory Sorting Cube, Monty Shape Sorting Cube

Amazing toddler learning activity toys like the Monty Sliding Top Box SetMonty Sensory Sorting Cubeand Monty Shape Sorting Cube can help to exercise and strengthen an early toddler's working memory. These shape-sorting, beautifully crafted sets are made of impeccable material with no sharp corners and finished with non-toxic paint. 

With all these, the newly advanced toddler can learn many important concepts. Among these is object permanence, where children will learn that even if they can't see an object, it doesn't necessarily mean it's gone. Another one is the cause-and-effect relationship, which means that when they slide a lid, it causes the occurrence or nonoccurrence of the object. 

Other developmental progressions they support are hand-to-eye coordination and the maximal development of the child's fine motor skills as they grasp, pick up the solid shapes, and attempt to figure out the correct hole and the right way to put it into the box. 

Monty Silicone Stacking Cups 

When a child reaches one year old, he will have better cognitive capabilities, so he can now play with the right objectives. While nesting or stacking toys can be already provided to babies in their advanced infancy, often it's only in their first year that they start to successfully stack, nest, or put the object into the bigger one. The Monty Silicone Stacking Cups are the perfect toy for this and are sure to be safe as they are made of pure food-grade silicone. 

Like the Monty Top Box Set, this aids in providing the right opportunity to practice and improve hand-to-eye coordination and fine motor skills. 

Monty Jellyfish 

At about one year of age, babies have stronger muscles. Hence, they will move forward from shaking and banging to more advanced motions, such as pulling. The 100% safe  Monty Baby Pulling Toy Jellyfish will encourage your children to play, explore, and exercise muscle groups responsible for pulling. 

Monty Race and Chase Ramp

As the child develops his pincer grip, he can now hold the car and place it on the ramp. The minimalist yet stylish Monty Race and Chase Ramp is an exciting toy that a toddler can enjoy for hours and hours. It's sturdy, durable, eco-friendly, and constructed from high-quality wood. Rest assured that it's a toy that can withstand the test of time and opens new concepts to toddlers as they grow up. 

Monty Mirror Blocks 

Between 1 and 2 years of age, a child starts to recognize himself in the mirror, making the Monty Mirror Blocks ideally suited for exploration and play. It will encourage a child's creativity and imagination and help develop a child's sense of self by recognizing himself in the mirror. 

Monty Ball Pit 

An excellent way to spend their energy when they are incredibly manic is to get them into a ball pit. Let them play and have fun for seemingly endless hours under careful supervision. The Monty Ball Pit will help you and is a fantastic addition to a toddler's playroom or corner. 

Monty Bear Busy Board 

Among the most beneficial toddler learning activity toys a toddler can have, a Busy Board, a board with plenty of objects that an infant and toddler can continuously explore, tinker, and learn from, should always be on the list. The Monty Bear Busy Board is good because it has a clock, a cog, and an abacus, among other things. The board is an excellent source of sensory stimulation and a clever way to introduce many concepts. 

Toddler Learning Activity Toys for Ages 2 and 3 years

Advanced motor skills and a better level of independence 

Late toddlerhood happens when the child is between 2 and 3 years of age. This period is more exciting for parents as they would be able to see their child have more independence, being in many motions with better agility, stronger muscles, and better coordination. 

As they become more agile, they will execute motor skills with their legs, such as standing on one foot and jumping off the floor. When provided with writing implements, they use their hands to create with them by scribbling imperfect lines and shapes. 

More determined and focused

They will also become more determined, often preferring to do things their way. So, it's usual to see them getting more engaged in activities they are deeply interested in for extended periods, and making them stop can be a bother. Parents may sometimes find themselves frustrated by the poor impulse control demonstrated by toddlers. 

Toddlers will have better control of their body movements, so their tendencies to volatile and disruptive behaviors, such as biting and throwing, will wane. 

At this point, toddlers will have substantial development across different aspects and not just limited to the physical dimension. 

The blossoming of emotions and social skills 

They will not just have advanced their motor skills, but their emotional aptitude will also start to flourish. Having better memory and intelligence, they could understand, identify, and regulate some of their emotions. 

Simultaneously, a child will demonstrate sociability as he begins to gravitate toward enacting what they observes adults do. At about two years of age, children can be introduced to the concept of taking turns to improve their social skills. 

Better comprehension and constantly asking questions 

Equally, toddlers will have advanced their cognitive processes. At this age, they are now able to comprehend 2-3 step directions and follow them almost accurately. 

Parents may find themselves amused by their child's unstoppable curiosity, incessantly asking questions and wanting to know almost everything. They will be highly thirsty to understand the whats, the whys, and the hows. 

Becoming copycats 

With better cognitive capabilities – such as imagination, word and sound recognition, and improved memory – toddlers commonly think their toys are alive. They will also mimic the sound they hear from their surroundings. With their continuous intellectual progress, they can now recognize and name shapes. They are better communicators, and adults can readily understand most of what they say. Their newly enhanced recall capabilities allow them to remember and associate their name with themselves. Hence, when called, they can respond. 

Toddler Learning Activity Toys for the Continuous Development of Toddlers ages 2 and 3 

To optimally support children in their late toddlerhood, parents must include appropriate toddler learning activity toys to create or enable an ideal environment for their children's continuous development. The toddler learning activity toys that children are exposed to are equally crucial to providing them with the proper nutrition and the best care. It's only then imperative for parents to have sufficient and practical knowledge on what they can do to provide the best toddler materials in terms of support and development of their children, let them maximize these essentials, and enable them to reach their full potential at this period in their lives. 

Monty Botany Puzzle Collection 

This eco-friendly educational toy is a challenging leisure that will kick off and sharpen your child's problem-solving skills. Monty Botany Puzzle Collection comes with three puzzles, all made from high-quality wood painted with inks that are safe. The puzzles are perfectly fitting to encourage toddlers' logical reasoning and critical thinking skills. They consist of multiple colorful pieces excellently suitable for children in their late toddlerhood. 

Monty Tool Set, Monty Carrots Harvest Box  

When children have started to imitate the actions and gestures of adults or older children, they will also show interest in the objects adults commonly use. So, it's a fantastic idea to supply replicas of these objects that are safe, lightweight, and interactively encouraging. The all-natural wooden-made Monty Tool Set and Monty Carrots Harvest Box are excellent toddler learning activity toys. The sets have a non-toxic, soothing, matte finish that guarantees safety and enjoyment for toddlers. 

This complex plaything is designed to keep your child laser-focused as they put to work and enrich their cognitive skills, such as problem-solving and language proficiency. 

Monty Creative Board 

Fulfill your child's thirst for creativity and imagination with the Monty Creative Board. The set comes with all the goods perfect for your kids' curiosity and playfulness. Inside the board are cutouts of animals and plants that can help your child appreciate and start to understand nature. It also comes with a whiteboard and a pen to help parents or supervising adults create an image and tell a story to their toddlers. It can also encourage toddlers to scribble. 

Monty Doctor Monty Play Set 

The nice-looking Monty Doctor Monty Play Set will stimulate a child's imagination and motivate them with pretend play as they mimic the actions of the people they commonly see. The set comes with toy replicas of medical supplies that medical professionals typically use. Made of silicon, parents need not worry about their child's safety. The material helps exercise sensory skills and promotes a tactile form of learning for these little ones. 

Monty Memory Cards 

At about two years of age, children will have better memory and be able to hold more information. With that, it's ideal to supplement and enhance this developmental milestone with Monty Memory Cards that make matching pictures enjoyable and exceptionally engaging for children. It helps strengthen and improve memory. It also hits other cognitive development, such as concentration and visual recognition. The set can also be used as a supplement to introduce children to the concept of taking turns. 

Since the cards are printed with pictures, adults can feed their child's constant asking, "What's that?" by talking about the objects on the cards, such as what they are called and what they do. Having that kind of conversation will help them increase their vocabulary. 

Monty Sensory Play Set

The Monty Sensory Play Set has all these nicely looking, natural wooden toddler learning activity toys that are realistically smaller versions of household objects that can normally be found in the kitchen. By design, they should be used as containers to aid toddlers in familiarizing themselves with different textures, such as rice or sand. 

The stylish wooden toy bowls and utensils with the set also encourage children to strengthen and polish their fine motor skills by having their hands create intricate movements as they play with textures. 

It is ideal for pretend play when toddlers try to mimic what they see their parents doing. The set also helps with learning more advanced concepts later on, extending beyond toddlerhood. 

Adults can use this set to play with their children and open them up to different words they haven't known yet. 

Monty Instruments Set 

To introduce the concepts related to music, such as rhythm, dynamics, and tone, parents may find  Monty Instruments Set an excellent choice for toddlers as they now possess better motor and cognitive skills. 

At this time, it's only fitting to provide them with toddler learning activity toys that look and feel realistic, like this set. The set is made of high-quality wood and crafted to look classy. With its quality, safety is guaranteed. Parents won't go wrong with this. It comes with multiple musical instruments, allowing toddlers to play and collaborate with other children as they advance in their stage of development. 

Monty Toys - A Revolution in Child's Play

As parents, we naturally seek the best for our little ones. We understand, consciously or intuitively, that the first 5 years of our child's life will shape the structure of their brain for the rest of their life.

Monty Toys isn't just another toy store.

Our toys are a testament to the importance of our childen's early years.

Monty Toys are designed and curated by our child developmental experts to nurture your child's innate curiosity, fostering independence, critical thinking, and respect for oneself, others, and their surroundings.

By providing strategic toys and materials tailored to your child's developmental stage, we allow children and parents to become active agents in their own education and development.

Every product from Monty Toys comes with a tailored 1-page informational document, ensuring parents grasp the educational essence and purpose of each toy. This guide illuminates the science behind the toy's design and offers insights into enhancing a child's learning experience.

It's not just about play; it's about informed, developmental engagement for both child and parent.

Join us in Learning through Play!

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