Are baby jumpers safe? Baby Jumper Safety Ratings

Babies love to jump. Forget the trampoline; they do not need it. With the help of a baby jumper, your little one can enjoy jumping around in a safe and secure environment. 

A baby jumper provides entertainment, and exercise, and promotes gross motor development. But like all things related to your baby's safety, there are a few things you should keep in mind when using a baby jumper so your baby can get the maximum benefits from it and maintain safety over time. 

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Must Have Qualities of Preschool Toys

When a child graduates from a toddler to a preschooler, there are noticeable changes and advancements. As the child adjusts and develops, parents will need to advance and develop alongside their child to provide...

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Development Through Play - Infants through the Age of 5
As babies grow from the time they are born, parents notice that their child experiences and participates in many different kinds of play. These engagements have a substantial effect on their growth and development. While it is often self-directed and done at the child's intrinsic motivation, play can still be relegated to the backseat and take less priority.
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