Finally! We found a good looking baby jumper!

Discover The Rue: The Best Looking Baby Jumper on the Market When it comes to finding the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics, The Rue stands out as the best...

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Are baby jumpers safe? Baby Jumper Safety Ratings

Babies love to jump. Forget the trampoline; they do not need it. With the help of a baby jumper, your little one can enjoy jumping around in a safe and secure environment. 

A baby jumper provides entertainment, and exercise, and promotes gross motor development. But like all things related to your baby's safety, there are a few things you should keep in mind when using a baby jumper so your baby can get the maximum benefits from it and maintain safety over time. 

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Understanding a Montessori-Inspired Home

Are you looking to incorporate the Montessori education method into your home? You're not alone. This approach, developed by Maria Montessori in the early 20th century, has gained popularity among parents, caregivers, and educators alike.

But what exactly does "Montessori at home" mean? And how do you go about creating an environment that fosters learning in a Montessori style? 

In this post, we will delve into what makes up a Montessori-inspired home and how to prepare such an environment at home for your child.

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Educational Quality Toys - Observe Your Toddler

The bond and interactions between early childcare providers, guardians, and children form the basis of learning for infants and toddlers. 

Adults must be able to think that physical materials aren't meant to substitute human interactions. Instead, they supplement the interactions to make the most out of babies' growth and development. 


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Preserve your Home's Style with our Sleek, Wood Baby Jumper

The Rue is a wooden baby jumper designed with your baby, and home, in mind.

Hours of learning, fun, and play for your baby are combined with a minimalistic scandanavian style design that will garner praise from your interior decorator.

There is no need to compromise with The Rue.

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