The Developmental Benefits of Play Tunnels for Infants and Babies

Tunnel play for infants and babies encourages the development of an important milestone: crawling.

Every baby is unique. How old they are when they become interested in a play tunnel will vary.

One sign that your baby will benefit from a play tunnel is that he has started to show signs of wanting to crawl! These signs include raising himself on his hands and knees and even rocking while in this position.

(Note: be sure to use a play tunnel made of the proper materials for babies and infants. Learn more HERE.)

Play Tunnels Encourage a Natural Crawling Movement

Play tunnels help develop proper crawling form by encouraging babies to crawl on their hands and knees. The limited height of the play tunnel prevents babies from utilizing alternative forms of mobility such as scooting.

Play Tunnels Create Motivation to Crawl Forward

Play tunnels motivate babies to crawl by providing a visible goal at the end of the tunnel. That goal may be light, a favorite toy, or mommy!

Play Tunnels Encourage Development of Spatial Awareness

Crawling through a confined space such as a play tunnel helps babies develop spatial awareness. Spatial awareness is important in the development of motor skills.

Play Tunnels Encourage the development of Weight Bearing and Balance Skills

Babies will shift their weight from their hands to their knees, and vice versa, as they crawl through a play tunnel. This promotes balance and coordination.

Play Tunnels Help Fix Improper Crawling Form

Play tunnels provide a physical boundary that encourages babies to use all four limbs and a symmetrical crawling pattern when crawling.

If your baby has developed an improper crawling form, such as scooting, dragging one leg, or using only arms to pull themselves along (commando crawl), a play tunnel can encourage her to use all four limbs by providing a physical boundary that guides her into using a more symmetrical crawling pattern.

Play Tunnels are Great for Sensory Play

The enclosed space of a baby play tunnel can provide a fun sensory experience for babies, as they can hear the sounds of their own movements and feel the different textures of the fabric. The sensory experience of moving through a tunnel, the change in light, and the echo of sounds will encourage your baby to explore his senses.

Toddler Development from Play Tunnels

The utility of a play tunnel is not complete once your baby has developed crawling skills. Check out some of our ideas for tunnel play for toddlers!


The Monty Cotton Play Tunnel

The Monty Cotton Play Tunnel is made from high quality, toddler safe, 100% cotton. Our cotton play tunnel is free from harmful chemicals.

The Monty Cotton Play Tunnelprovides an array of developmental benefits for your toddler, all the while being gentle on your child's skin. Here's how this simple yet effective Montessori-inspired toy can contribute to your toddler's growth:

Gross Motor Skills: The act of crawling in and out of the cotton play tunnel helps your child build strength, coordination, and balance. These are key gross motor skills that will help in other aspects of their life, such as walking, running, and jumping.

Spatial Awareness: As your toddler moves through the cotton play tunnel, they learn to navigate their body in a restricted space. This helps develop spatial awareness - understanding how their body moves and fits within the space around them.

Sensory Development: The feel of the cotton against your child's skin provides sensory stimulation. This not only enhances their tactile experience but also can make the play tunnel a comforting space.

Cognitive Development: A play tunnel can be a wonderful tool for imaginative play. It could be a cave, a secret passageway, or a hiding spot – the possibilities are endless. This stimulates creativity and cognitive development.

Social Skills: Our cotton play tunnel promotes cooperative play. Taking turns to crawl through the tunnel or playing games around it improves social interaction and communication skills.

Emotional Development: Our cotton play tunnel provides a sense of adventure and can also offer a sense of security, being in a 'den' where your toddler can feel safe. This can help your toddler learn to manage their feelings of fear and excitement, thus supporting their emotional development.

Montessori Play Tunnel

In the Montessori approach, we advocate for toys and play items that nurture a child's innate curiosity and independence. The Monty Cotton Play Tunnel does exactly that, allowing children to explore, imagine, and create their own adventures.

Investing in a quality cotton play tunnel ensures not only the safety of your child but also promotes their physical and cognitive growth. Make a choice for a safer, more engaging playtime with the Monty Cotton Play Tunnel.

Let your child explore the tunnel at their own pace, following the Montessori philosophy of self-directed, active learning.

Monty Toys - A Revolution in Child's Play

As parents, we naturally seek the best for our little ones. We understand, consciously or intuitively, that the first 5 years of our child's life will shape the structure of their brain for the rest of their life.

Monty Toys isn't just another toy store.

Our toys are a testament to the importance of our children's early years.

Monty Toys are designed and curated by our child developmental experts to nurture your child's innate curiosity, fostering independence, critical thinking, and respect for oneself, others, and their surroundings.

By providing strategic toys and materials tailored to your child's developmental stage, we allow children and parents to become active agents in their own education and development.

Every product from Monty Toys comes with a tailored 1-page informational document, ensuring parents grasp the educational essence and purpose of each toy. This guide illuminates the science behind the toy's design and offers insights into enhancing a child's learning experience.

It's not just about play; it's about informed, developmental engagement for both child and parent.

Join us in Learning through Play!

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