Toddlers with Style - Aesthetic Baby Jumpers and Aesthetic Play Tunnels

Parents are constantly bombarded with the latest trends in baby essentials and toys. With a multitude of options available, it can be overwhelming to choose what's best for the little ones. However, the importance of style when it comes to these choices is often overlooked.

Parents want the best for their children. They carefully select their clothes, food, and even their toys - . But what about the furniture and toys that their children interact with daily? 

Have fun with your newborns style!

Some may argue that style is not important for children, especially infants, toddlers, and preschoolers, who are more focused on playing and exploring. However, parents should still factor in style when choosing furniture and toys for their little ones.

Style matters not just for adults' aesthetics but also for babies' and newborns'. Providing them with the necessary stimuli and a visually comforting environment from a young age is crucial.

So why exactly does style matter when choosing toys and furniture for infants, babies, and toddlers? 

Let's dive deeper into this topic to understand better.

Stylish Toys are More Appealing to Your Baby and YOU

Toys are a crucial aspect of a child's early development. Not only do they entertain, but they also provide a vital stimulus for learning and growth. Therefore, it's essential to choose toys that are safe, age-appropriate, and stylish.

Stylish toys can help with cognitive skills. 

Stylish toys can enhance the visual appeal of a nursery or playroom and encourage children's creativity and imagination. Instead of generic plastic toys, choose wooden toys with stylish designs that promote open-ended play and allow children to use their imagination.

Investing in high-quality, stylish toys can save you money in the long run. Many cheap plastic toys break easily and may need frequent replacements, but well-made wooden toys can last for years and be passed down to younger siblings or future generations.

Aesthetic Baby Jumpers and Aesthetic Play Tunnels for Parents

Every toddler has a large toy or 2 that is always visible in the house. A baby jumper and a play tunnel are ALWAYS in my living room. Matching the aesthetics of my son's baby jumper and play tunnel to my home has made ME happier! We replaced the bright plastic colors of our first baby jumper and play tunnel with a more aesthetic baby jumper and aesthetic play tunnel

If your home feels cluttered by large toys upgrade the toys' aesthetics!

Style is an Expression

Style is a form of self-expression. From the way everyone dresses to the way they decorate their homes, style is a reflection of personality and individuality. It should also apply to children's furniture and toys.

Style expresses uniqueness.

By choosing stylish furniture and toys for their children, parents are able to help their child create an identity and sense of self. This encourages them to uniquely express themselves. This is one of the intial steps towards enabling children to have a sense of ownership and pride over their belongings. The end result is a boost to their self-confidence and creativity.

It's never too early to introduce style to children. 

Style as an expression enables children to form their preferences.

Even when young, children are already forming their preferences and interests. Parents nurture their kids' sense of identity by providing them with stylish furniture and toys and encouraging them to explore their personal style.

Moreover, surrounding our children with beautiful, well-designed pieces can inspire creativity and imagination. A comforting and inviting space can spark curiosity and encourage children to explore, learn, and grow.


Style Represents Personality

Children's personalities are constantly evolving as they grow and learn. The furniture and toys they interact with can play a role in shaping their personality.


Style is a mirror of distinctive traits and preferences.

By choosing stylish furniture and toys that reflect children's interests, parents are helping them develop a sense of self. Style represents one's distinctive traits and preferences. For example, if a child loves animals, having furniture and toys with animal designs can help further foster their love for animals and potentially spark an interest in nature and the environment.

Furthermore, parents want to create a warm and inviting environment for their children. Choosing stylish and aesthetically pleasing furniture and toys can make a visually appealing, comfortable, and welcoming space.


Style is a Way of Communication

Style is not just about what looks good. It's also a form of communication. The furniture and toys that parents choose for their children can convey messages and ideas.


Style and materials can provide a calming environment for children while teaching values through eco-friendly choices. Style is a medium to send a message. 

Furniture and toys made of natural materials like wood help anchor our children to nature. This is especially important now that our children are bombarded with screens everywhere you look.

It may not be obvious but we internally know the difference between natural and man made materials. Don't believe me? Go pick up a solid wood toy, close your eyes, and pay attention to your feelings. Now go do the same with a plastic toy.

Choosing eco-friendly and sustainable materials for children's furniture and toys also sends a message about the values of a family. It teaches children to be conscious of their impact on the environment and instills important values in them.

Design and quality should go hand-in-hand

Furthermore, by selecting well-designed and high-quality pieces, adults are able to teach children the importance of investing in items that will last. This encourages responsible consumption and shows them the value of taking care of their belongings.

Style can also be used to communicate with children. By involving them in the process of choosing furniture and toys, parents are allowing them to express their preferences and interests. It not only helps build their confidence but also strengthens our bond with them.

Style On Baby Essentials

Decorating the nursery is one of the most exciting tasks when expecting a baby. From choosing the color scheme to picking out furniture and decor, it's a chance for parents to express their creativity and style. Safety and functionality are paramount, however it's important to also consider furniture and toys that look visually appealing.


Aesthetics matter

Investing in stylish baby essentials adds aesthetic value to the room and ensures that your little one is surrounded by quality and safe products. For example, a play tunnel needs to be made of safe materials (we prefer cotton) but it also needs to be asestically pleasing (another reason we prefer cotton).

A baby jumper needs to be made of safe materials (we prefer wood to plastic) but it also needs to be aesthetically pleasing (another reason we prefer wood).

Do you see a pattern? Natural materials are almost always safer and look better!


Practicality and multi-functionality

Furthermore, stylish baby essentials can also be practical and multi-functional. For instance, a sleek and modern changing table can double up as a dresser or storage unit, saving space and adding style to the nursery.

Overall, Style Matters

Parents must still maintain good taste and style when it comes to choosing things and furniture for their infants and newborns. While the primary concern is always the safety and well-being of the child, incorporating style into their environment can also positively impact their development.

Style is essential in developing a good taste.

Exposing children to stylish and aesthetically pleasing surroundings can help them develop a good eye for design and aesthetics. It can, in turn, lead to better decision-making skills and an appreciation for beauty as they grow older.

Moreover, incorporating style into your child's environment can make parenting more enjoyable. A well-designed nursery or playroom can provide a sense of calm and relaxation, making it a pleasant space for you and your child.

The Best Baby Jumper - The Rue

baby jumper vs walker

Our favorite baby jumper on the market is The Rue, from Monty Toys. 

The Rue is the most stylish wooden baby jumper on the market. It has won multiple awards for its design, safety features, and visually stunning aesthetics.

The Rue features a modern, minimalist aesthetic while providing your baby with unlimited fun. The featured toys are all montessori inspired to encourage cognitive and problem solving development.

The Rue is made of solid beech hardwood and sustainable beech plywood. All the materials used to manufacture The Rue are non-toxic and eco-friendly to ensure safety for your baby and help protect the environment.

The Rue was designed with safety in mind. It is constructed using the highest quality materials such as solid hardwoods, plywoods, and cottons. You won't find a baby jumper that has a sturdier construction than The Rue.

The seat of The Rue rotates 360 degrees allowing your baby the freedom to move in various directions. While the seat height adjusts to allow this wooden baby jumper to grow with your baby.

Monty Toys - A Revolution in Child's Play

As parents, we naturally seek the best for our little ones. We understand, consciously or intuitively, that the first 5 years of our child's life will shape the structure of their brain for the rest of their life.

Monty Toys isn't just another toy store.

Our toys are a testament to the importance of our childen's early years.

Monty Toys are designed and curated by our child developmental experts to nurture your child's innate curiosity, fostering independence, critical thinking, and respect for oneself, others, and their surroundings.

By providing strategic toys and materials tailored to your child's developmental stage, we allow children and parents to become active agents in their own education and development.

Every product from Monty Toys comes with a tailored 1-page informational document, ensuring parents grasp the educational essence and purpose of each toy. This guide illuminates the science behind the toy's design and offers insights into enhancing a child's learning experience.

It's not just about play; it's about informed, developmental engagement for both child and parent.

Join us in Learning through Play!

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