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The Monty Cotton Play Tunnel is back in stock! Only 100 are available in this batch.

Your mom friends will be jealous when they learn they can’t get their hands on The Monty Cotton Play Tunnel!

Our Signature, All-Natural, Non-Toxic, 100% Cotton Play Tunnel - XL

Meet The Monty Cotton Play Tunnel: our all-natural, non-toxic 100% cotton play tunnel.

XL - Twice the Size! Twice the Fun!

A Cotton Play Tunnel That Enhances the Aesthetics of Your Home

The Monty Cotton Play Tunnel combines modern minimalist aesthetics and a neutral color palette with FUN.

You can have both a happy baby and a stylish home!

The Best Non-toxic, Non-polyester, Eco-Friendly, 100% Cotton Play Tunnel

Made of 100% cotton, The Monty Cotton Play Tunnel is more breathable, softer, more durable, more eco-friendly and better at tunnel temperature regulation than play tunnels made of polyester.

Our cotton play tunnel is also hypoallergenic and free from harmful chemicals. This makes it a great choice for children with sensitive skin or allergies.

Our Cotton Play Tunnel Promotes Your Baby's Physical and Cognitive Development

The Monty Cotton Play Tunnel provides an array of developmental benefits for your toddler. Here's how this simple yet effective Montessori-inspired cotton play tunnel can contribute to your toddler's development:

  1. Gross Motor Skills: The act of crawling in and out of the cotton play tunnel helps your child build strength, coordination, and balance. These are key gross motor skills that will help in other aspects of their life, such as walking, running, and jumping.
  2. Spatial Awareness: As your toddler moves through the cotton play tunnel, they learn to navigate their body in a restricted space. This helps develop spatial awareness - understanding how their body moves and fits within the space around them.
  3. Sensory Development: The feel of the cotton against your child's skin provides sensory stimulation. This not only enhances their tactile experience but also can make the play tunnel a comforting space.
  4. Cognitive Development: A play tunnel can be a wonderful tool for imaginative play. It could be a cave, a secret passageway, or a hiding spot – the possibilities are endless. This stimulates creativity and cognitive development.
  5. Social Skills: Our cotton play tunnel promotes cooperative play. Taking turns to crawl through the tunnel or playing games around it improves social interaction and communication skills.
  6. Emotional Development: Our cotton play tunnel provides a sense of adventure and can also offer a sense of security, being in a 'den' where your toddler can feel safe. This can help your toddler learn to manage their feelings of fear and excitement, thus supporting their emotional development.

A Montessori-Inspired Cotton Play Tunnel

In the Montessori approach, we advocate for toys and play items that nurture a child's innate curiosity and independence. The Monty Cotton Play Tunnel does exactly that, allowing children to explore, imagine, and create their own adventures.

Let your child explore the tunnel at their own pace, following the Montessori philosophy of self-directed, active learning.


Easy to collapse and take on the go or move from room to room

An Investment in Your Child

The Monty Cotton Play Tunnel is built to be passed down generations. High quality cotton combined with a custom storage case ensure that your children will be able to pass it down to your future grandchildren!

Investing in The Monty Cotton Play Tunnel ensures not only the safety of your child but also promotes their physical and cognitive growth. Make a choice for a safer, more engaging playtime with The Monty Cotton Play Tunnel.

The Monty Cotton Play Tunnel XL Specs

Length: 118"

Diameter: 18"

Material: 100% Cotton


The Rue™ sold out in 10 days. Thank you!

The Rue is custom made. Only 500 will be available in our next batch.
Your mom friends will be jealous when they learn they can’t get their hands on The Rue™ !

Now taking Pre Orders (ETA: July, 2024)

Click here for Pre-Order Policy

Our Signature, Award Winning, Wooden Baby Jumper: The Rue

There are Pieces That Furnish a Room and Those That Define It.

Meet The Rue™- the modern wooden baby jumper from Monty Toys. 

A Baby Jumper That Enhances the Aesthetics of Your Home

The Rue™ combines modern minimalist aesthetics with FUN.

You can have both a happy baby and a stylish home!

The Only Eco-friendly, Non-toxic, Non-plastic Baby Jumper

The entire frame of The Rue™ is made of Solid Beech Hardwood and Sustainable Beech Plywood.

The Rue's™ seat cover is made of bamboo. Bamboo is much more breathable, softer, and eco-friendly compared to polyester seat covers found on typical baby jumpers. Bamboo is a great material for babies with sensitive skin or eczema as it is hypoallergenic and has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Say goodbye to plastic and hello to nature with The Rue™!

The Safest Baby Jumper

The Rue™ is constructed of solid hardwoods and the highest quality materials, This attention to materials and detail creates both a beautiful baby jumper and a sturdy structure to keep your baby safe.

Montessori Inspired Baby Jumper

The Rue™ was inspired by modern Montessori principles. 

No flashing lights or loud synthetic noises that distract your baby. The Rue™ utilizes natural materials and simple toys that encourage active participation and sensory development.

The Rue™ comes with 3 Montessori inspired toys that promote your baby's natural learning and skill development instincts. Your baby can bounce, sit, and swivel between the toys in The Rue's™ 360 degree rotating seat.

Easy Assembly, Easy Maitenance

The Rue™ can be assembled in under 3 minutes with nothing more than a screwdriver!

The Rue™ utilizes a bamboo removable seat cover that is washable.

The Rue™ Grows with Your Baby

The Rue™ is approved for babies up to 30lbs and adjusts to three different heights to grow with your child.

Fun, Fun, Fun

Your baby will be jumping for joy with our award winning baby jumper: The Rue


Dimensions and Specs

  • Base Diameter: 26"
  • Height: 33"
  • Adjustable Seat Height: 15", 17.5", 20"


  • Base and Frame - Solid Beech Hardwood and Sustainable Beech Plywood
  • Seat Cover - Hypoallergenic Bamboo Fabric
  • Furniture Screws - Steel
  • Seat Mold - Plastic (does not touch baby. 100% covered by Bamboo fabric)

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